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We can be mild or get wild.

We can bring inflatable props, glow products, smoke machine and even a confetti / Streamer launcher.

We can get interactive with your guest and host games of all sorts. Let us know what you have in mind and we will offer I guess based on our experience.



Lighting can consist of simply washing the room with color to the wild fast-moving lights seen in popular nightclubs. Lighting really comes alive with a small amount of smoke in the air. Opting for the dance lighting helps create more of a party atmosphere. Lighting also helps to bring more people out of to the dance floor. By having the lighting in the room turn down, it is less intimidating for people on the shy side to get out and dance.

Our complete light and special-effects show includes all professional lighting mounted on trussing which rises high above the dance floor on tripod stands. Ballroom or disco mirror ball type effects creates a romantic mood perfect for your first dance.  Strong multicolor beams of light moving, rotating, bouncing and gyrating around the dance floor to the beat of the music adds a sense of energy and excitement to your up-tempo sets.  Of course, we also have strobes and black lights to help lighten the mood on the dance floor. We use the same professional lighting equipment that you will find at many nightclubs to keep the party going.

We realize that lighting may not complement all tastes or budgets. If you choose this option, please know that a lack of lighting effects may create a perceived lack of energy on the dance floor. However, as with always aspects of your event, the choice is yours.

Fog actually allows you to see the light rays and beans in the mid air instead of simply seeing the spots the project on the floor. Most people familiar with dance and stage lighting agree that fog improves the light show up to 90%. We only use professional, non-toxic fog.

Confetti / Streamer Launcher:

Top off any celebration with a bang! Our confetti/streamer launcher is a hit by sending colorful paper up to 70 feet in the air. Picture if you can, indoor fireworks in almost any color to match the colors of your school, wedding or business event. There are even fluorescent colors that glow under black lights. We use only the best products for your event. The paper will use is flame retardant and will not burn. The colors will not leave when wet or discolored anything they cost.


Light up the night, light up the guests. Our goal package can be standard glow necklaces in solid colors or even tricolors.  We can bring flashing LED buttons in a wide variety of shapes to go along with the theme of your event. Ask to see the different options available to you for your event at our first meeting.

FM Transmitter:

This is a great option to use when you really want to spread the sound out. We use an FM transmitter, set to your own frequency, to broadcast your event out about five city blocks.


This is the ultimate option for car shows, bonfires, tailgate parties, apartment complex parties for when you will need a set of speakers set up at a distance.